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Community Resources List

This is a list of community resources that may be needed at this time. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Mr. King and Ms. Tull. You may reach them at their school email addresses:
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Instructional Update from Dr. Gaddis from 03/31/2020

This is an instructional update done by Dr. Gaddis from our parents/guardians. The update was done today. Please check in routinely for updates regarding your student. Also, you can check out our facebook page for updates and critical information at Washington Academy & High School Jaguars.
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Maryland Schools Remain Closed Until April 27, 2020!

Good afternoon. As you all have probably heard, our closure has been extended another 4 weeks, with our revised tentative reopen date being Monday 4/27. We will continue to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to students. And our district leaders are working on plans for continuation of learning for all students which will be forthcoming in the next several days. We will continue to update this site with any changes! Thank you!
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Learning Links are pages/tools that can be used for student enrichment while schools are closed. Please use the Google Doc to check out various websites that are offering free online learning for students. If you have any questions you can comment on the facebook post with the same Learning Links attachment, or email your child's teacher but remember the responses may not be immediate. Our facebook page is Washington Academy & High School Jaguars! Check it out for frequently posted work that your student can work on and complete from home!
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Yearbook Sales!

Yearbooks for the current school year are now on sale! Get your yearbook today! The cost with tax is $74.20. See Mr. Scott Smith to place your order or to get an order form! Memories are important!
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Check out our school's Facebook page!

You can find out a lot about what our Jaguars are up to by checking out our school's Facebook page at: Washington Academy & High School Jaguars! We want you to be well informed! Join us and be an active part of #JagNation!
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