Did you miss a Rooms announcement, or message from the teacher? Are your notifications turned on? Click here for step-by-step directions

Have you downloaded the SCPS Mobile App and created a guardian eduRooms account, but are not receiving notifications on your mobile device? 

Don't miss another communication from your student's teacher, and turn ON your Rooms notifications from the Settings section of your SCPS Mobile App.

In-App Notification Steps:

  1. In your mobile device settings screen, navigate to your app notifications section, and select the SCPS Mobile App from your list of installed apps to change your app notification settings.  Your mobile device settings menu may look different from the screenshots depending on the type of device you use.

  2. Toggle the "Allow Notifications" button to the right to turn on app notifications if yours are turned off.

  3. Customize your notification settings after enabling notifications

Email Notification Steps:

  1. Open your SCPS Mobile App, and toggle the lower right button to open Rooms.  

  2. From Rooms, click the lower left "Menu" button.

  3. From the Rooms menu screen, select the "gear" icon in the lower right to open Rooms settings.

  4. Select "Notification preferences."

  5. If your notifications are off, select Messages and Announcements, and toggle each button to the right (on) position to turn them on.

  6. After toggling both Messages and Announcements to "ON", your settings page should look like the image below. 

For technical assistance with Rooms, please contact Vicki Miele at the Board of Education office, 410-651-1616 x11224 or vmiele@somerset.k12.md.us.