childrens mental health awareness week may 5-11 2024

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month, with May 5th-11th specifically designated as Children's Mental Health Matters week. The initiative began as a collaboration between the Mental Health Association of Maryland and Maryland Coalition of Families in an effort to increase awareness and reduce stigma of children's mental health. The campaign has existed for more than 20 years with the support of the Behavioral Health Administration and working together with school and community partners.

SCPS' schools have registered to become school champions, which means that they will each do at least one activity to promote the importance of children's mental health. We encourage you to ask your students about the mental health awareness activities occurring in schools this week.

We hope that you join us in bringing awareness to mental health by wearing green sometime this week, which is the color associated with mental health. The color green was chosen as it is often linked with renewal and growth in nature; it symbolizes recovery, healing and personal growth for those who experience mental health challenges.

~Somerset County Student Services Department

five women in green shirts/black pants in front of a sign that says children's mental health

SCPS' Student Services Department placed a "Children's Mental Health Week" sign on the Board of Education lawn on May 6, 2024 to raise awareness of children's mental health, substance abuse, reducing stigma and connecting students and families with resources to prevent and treat mental health conditions.

(L-R) Dr. Dot Bell-Jackson, CoP Coordinator, Ms. Chari Jones, Coordinator of Student Services, Mrs. Rachel Abbott-Gray, Mental Health Coordinator, Ms. Tanavia Anthony, Associate - Student Services, Mrs. Tracey Cottman, Supervisor of Student Services